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A fearless advocate for justice

As a proud graduate of Howard University, where I majored in Psychology and Journalism, I received my Bachelor of Science in 1989. I received my Juris Doctorate, (J.D.), from the District of Columbia School of Law in 1995; and attended Georgetown University Law Center, where I received a  master of law (LL.M.) in 1997.  I have been a litigator for more than 20 years.  In addition to practicing, I taught at Howard University, and I have been a presenter at many seminars and legal events.  I am a zealous advocate in the daily practice of law. Over the many years of serving the public, I have tried to stay true to my founding purpose of combining quality representation with exceptional service and making the lives of others better. I have a passion for the law and for helping my clients with  their cases, and I work hard to ensure they are receive the best possible outcome.

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